At İlkay M. Genç Ltd. we focus on employee satisfaction and organizational benefits of all our operations. We believe in open communication aiming altogether towards the same goal of success and believe in being flexible and results orientated as a family. We believe that our customers deserve the best, we provide fast solutions and offer a transparent and consistant approach but most importantly we support creativity and innovative thinking in all areas. We support oppurtunity equality in business life, carry out our growing number of senior women managers as one of the most important indicators of progress.



The main purpose of recruitment and placement, is accordance with company culture and values, to meet the requirements of the position and to choose employees most suitable for the position. If within our company a position suitable to your profile arises then you are able to make a general application or apply to any ads which we are offering.

Performance Assessment

İLKAY M. GENÇ LTD. believe that the involvement of the employees fair systematic and quantifiable method is important in achieving the objectives and supports continuous improvement. Our aim is to determine quantifiable business objectives and success in achieving the goals to provide control and evaluation. Making assessments on a regular basis determines the objectives and overall performance of the job description standards providing an open and honest debate by identifying the areas for development and to create an action plan.


The training needs of employees are determined in the performance development system. The specified and planned training program helps to increase and develop the employee’s competencies and current performances..

Health and Safety

İLKAY M. GENÇ LTD. is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment to prevent accidents and damage.

Our occupational health and safety policy;

1. To avoid personal injury
2. Prevent conditions that may affect human health.
3. To spread the concept of job security among all employees
4. To reduce the risk of fire
5. To prevent damage to materials

In 2013 risk assessments were performed at all of our establishments, the number of fire extinguishers were increased, safety signs were placed and safety wear was distributed for personal protection. In addition all our staff was given basic Health and Safety training. All this work was carried out in order to create a healthy and safe working environment.